Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Great Grocery Challenge

CVS: OOP $19.71, Saved $33.71

This was kind of an expensive week at CVS, but I picked up two packs of diapers, wipes, and 2 gallons of milk. I was also able to use the gift card I purchased here as well as the coupon I got here

Meijer: OOP $50.83, Saved $25.31

Yes...I spent my entire budget at Meijer this week. And, I really didn't get much, but I hate not taking advantage when P&G/Meijer has a Spend $40, Get $10 offer especially when we are in need of dog food. So, I ended up getting a box of diapers there, too, which I never do.

Walgreens: OOP $7.93, Saved $13.12

I made it there on Friday for the Friends & Family discount, but they were out of the Finish dishwasher tabs and the Complete contact solution...which I figured they might be. I didn't have time to run to another store, so I just got the rest of the stuff on my list and went about my night.

Aldi: OOP $2.70

Lettuce, baby carrots, and sour cream...not too bad. I'm starting to really like shopping at Aldi, especially for produce!

Jewel: OOP $0.79, Saved $10.40!

I don't shop here much, but the University discount ended on Saturday and I had a catalina to use up. Unfortunately, there wasn't another catalina promotion to keep it going. It's been a great couple weeks!

Weekly Totals: OOP $81.96, Saved $82.54! (50% savings)

Let's just say that I probably won't be spending much next week to make up for what I spent this week. :-)

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