Monday, January 21, 2008

Back to work...tomorrow!

Wow, it has been so awesome to be off work. Not only has it been nice because of the much needed time off, but also because it has been soo cold! But, it has to end - tomorrow, it's back to work for me which is actually okay because I have plenty of stuff to work on when I get there.

Before I go any further, I need to send out a huge prayer friend & neighbor Tiffany Michaels (Michaels blog on the right) has just been admitted to the hospital. She is currently pregnant with quads and has been having some contractions. Things seem to be getting better, but please keep her, her husband (Jon), these four little babies and the docs/nurses caring for them in your prayers!!

On to brighter news, this weekend was a great time. We didn't do anything Friday night. Saturday morning was the spa day which was very relaxing (and, if you've never been told before...don't get a massage when you are hungover, it's bad news!) followed by lunch at J.Buck's (yummy!!). Jason and I both took nice naps on Saturday afternoon and then we headed over to our friends (Jean Ann & Mike's) place for dinner. Dinner was awesome and the games were fun!! :-)

On Sunday, Jason and I went to the 2nd step of the membership classes at church. It was a really good class. We'll go to the 3rd one next month (since I have a meeting this Sunday). After that, I took my little sister to her tumbling meet in Peoria. Boy is it strange to go to a meet and have to pay!! I'm definitely not used to that after coaching for 8 years! She did's a picture of her getting her medal! She's on the right in 3rd place. There were other kids in her group, but they weren't up there.

Today was a fun day, too! I got to spend it watching my 6-month old nephew. He is getting to be so much fun!! He is sitting up on his own (not for very long, but he can do it!!), and he now has his two bottom teeth. Last time I watched him I thought teeth were coming in because he was drooling like crazy and now they are here! He is getting so big and is very strong!

Andy, the other thing we had to do today was replace the rear U-joint in the Durango and get the transmission fluid changed...not a fun task for the pocketbook, but hopefully it prevents something really bad from happening and the vibration we've been feeling is gone! Woo hoo!!
So, it's back to work for me tomorrow....have a great week!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

This has been such a great week!! I only went to work on Monday and Tuesday and that was pretty much to get some stuff done for Theatre Festival. Then, I was off Wednesday through today! Yeah! I spent each day doing some cleaning (and of course, getting a nap in on Thursday!) . It feels good to get the house all cleaned. Unfortunately, it won't stay this way long since I'll be back to work and busy on Tuesday (we're off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. day). We're not doing much tonight - just hanging out watching tv and playing on the computer. Tomorrow's the spa day with the neighborhood gals and then we have dinner plans with some friends. On Sunday, we'll go to church and then I'm taking my 'lil sister, Aireol, to her tumbling meet in Peoria. I'm looking forward to another day off on Monday. Karen is bringing Caden over for me to watch him all day...he's just over 6 months old now! I'll post updated pictures as soon as I get them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Theatre Is...Over! (the Festival at least)

Wow! So, I just calculated how many hours I worked this week...let's just say that it wasn't such a good idea! I figured up that it was 76.5 hours in 6 days, but it was a great Festival. For those who don't know what I am talking about, every other year ISU hosts the IL High School Theatre Festival (on the opposite years it's at U of I) and I have been working with a committe of 30+ high school teachers since January 2007 to plan this year's event which happened over the weekend. The committee was great - very young, with lots of great new ideas - but, I'm kind of glad it's over and I get to work on something else for a while. Besides, I only have about 12 months and then I'll be back at it!

Today was nice, but I was just exhausted from the week. Jason and I went to church this morning -didn't know we were going to get a lecture on sex, but that's what it turned into. Good sermon, but I was surprised. Then, we went to Applebee's to use my gift certificate from Christmas - the food took forever, but our server was great about it. We got groceries and then Amber took a three-hour nap until Amazing Race started (probably why I am still up at 10pm!). Next week is the season finale...I'm guessing Ron & Christine (a father/daughter team) will win.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 I know some events have passed that I didn't recognize on here in the last few days...First,

Happy belated 28th Birthday to my sister, Michelle!!!
I did call her on Saturday (her actual birthday), but just haven't had a chance to put it on here. Also,
Happy 6 month birthday to my nephew, Caden!
This was yesterday. Hopefully we'll have new pictures soon that I can share. I can't believe it has been 6 months!
Work has been and will be (at least until Saturday) a little crazy for me. The rest of the week looks like 12 hour days (at least!) so be thinking about me!! You probably won't see another post until next week...sorry! As you might tell, this one is getting done at 6:05am and only because I couldn't sleep!! When you start dreaming about work or waking up because of work related stuff that's no fun!
(And, by the way, I'm not sure why this post isn't formatting right!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Each year, Jason and I like to do different things for New Year's Eve. Some things we've done in the past are: the hotel party, downtown Bloomington, just hanging out at someone's house, etc. This year, we received an invitation from my cousin, Kristin, to come North and go bar hopping with them. We thought this was a great opportunity before we have kids to head out of town (3 hours away). The only other people we knew were my two cousins and my aunt, but we had a great time! Time went by so quickly! Thanks for the invitation, Kristin!!
My cousins & aunt -- Casey, Doris, Kristin, and me!

asey and I dancing away!

Kristin & Casey ringing in the new year!
Happy New Year!!!