Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

These were just a few of our visitors tonight:

Dylan S.

Camron H., Kylee S., and Mason S.
Lindsey and a friend collecting canned goods for Eastview's panty

We love seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes...too bad tonight was a pretty chilly one!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Glucose Tolerance Test

I guess no news is good news! At least that's what I was told on Monday. There was no call from the doctor's office so I assume that means I have passed the Glucose Tolerance Test! YEAH!! I'm really excited about that because anyone who knows me in person knows how much I love sweets! Yes, this probably would have been a great test for me and help me get my sweet tooth under control, but how could I not have cake at my own showers? I LOVE white cake! :-)

I think I'll celebrate by getting some ice cream tonight?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

25 weeks...tomorrow

Bedrest wasn't too bad, although I probably wasn't as strict as I should have been. I went to our small group on Thursday night, a book party on Friday night, dinner at a friends on Saturday night, and church on Sunday - otherwise I was in the house on the couch. Of course, these were all events that I could be sitting down at so I thought it was okay.

My OB appointment this morning went well. She checked my cervical length first - holding steady at 3.6cm, heartrate was 148 and I was measuring right on at 25cm. Last week I measured 26 (at 24 weeks) so maybe I just had a full bladder or something. Today was also my glucose test. It wasn't nearly as nasty as I thought it would be. They had the orange drink and it was nice and cold - results should be back by the end of the week, but they don't call unless your blood sugar is too high or blood count too low. So, let's home for no phone call!

Next appointment is in 4 weeks!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

24 weeks and Bedrest

VIABILITY!!! We have hit one more of the many milestones during pregnancy. This means that if something were to happen and this baby decided to enter the world, doctors would do whatever they could for a positive outcome. Although, we're hoping he/she decides to stay in a lot longer! :-)

While this has been a completely uneventful/normal pregnancy, today changed that. I was feeling consistent movements (and strong ones!) Thursday through Sunday night. Yesterday, I felt just a couple, soft movement and had pinching-like pain on my left side off and on. I attributed the pain to ligaments stretching, but I woke up this morning and had brown spotting so I called my doctor. After a heartbeat check (152) and cervical length check (3.6cm), the baby is fine, but I am now off work for the rest of the week! Thankfully, I can check my work email and voicemail to stay connected and busy doing something. It will all be worth it to know that this baby is okay.

The doctor also mentioned that I am measuring a little big. I didn't ask how big...guess I don't want to know. :-) I head back to the doctor on Monday for my regular appointment and glucose test, and they'll re-check the cervical length then. For now, I'm just praying that the baby continues to do well and stays put! Any prayers would be appreciated.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Relaxation Weekend!

This has been a great weekend so far. Friday night we went out for dinner and got groceries. Yesterday, I had a baby shower for a friend who is due six weeks before me. She's having a little girl in December!Carol, Tori, Barbie w/ Ava, and me

Have you ever rented from Red Box? We tried it last night for the first much cheaper than the movie store and so easy! Jason had been wanting to see Taken and Gran Torino so we rented them both. I really enjoyed Taken and Gran Torino was okay. We rarely watch movies so it was nice to be able to do that.

This morning we went to church, and now we're getting ready to spend the afternoon watching football and relaxing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Over the Top Blog Award

Thanks, Amy for the blog award!!!

Here are the rules:
1. You can only use one word!
2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers.
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. Have Fun!

The Survey
1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Your hair? red
3. Your mother? working
4. Your father? home
5. Your favorite food? bread!
6. Your dream last night? none
7. Your favorite drink? soda (since I haven't had much in 6 months!)
8. Your dream/goal? australia
9. What room are you in? office
10. Your hobby? scrapbooking
11. Your fear? health (for the baby)
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? same
13. Where were you last night? DoubleTree
14. Something that you aren’t? patient (but, I'm getting better)
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? vacationing
17. Where did you grow up? Freeport
18. Last thing you did? Facebook
19. What are you wearing? ring
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? dog
22. Friends? amazing!
23. Your life? great
24. Your mood? content
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Vehicle? g6
27. Something you’re not wearing? watch
28. Your favorite store? babiesrus
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? yesterday
31. Last time you cried? saturday
32. Your best friend? a blessing
33. One place that I go to over and over? work
34. One person who e-mails me regularly? jackie
35. Favorite place to eat? mexican!

I tag:


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday weekend!

This past weekend was our final birthday celebration of the year...this time it was for my brother (Sept 30), sister-in-law (Oct 6), nephew (Nov 15), and brother-in-law (Dec 9). In the fall, we head north to my brother's house. This year, we got to watch my almost 10 year old nephew play tackle football. I can't believe he is old enough to play football! The team did great and even won their game despite being freezing out. It even started snowing towards the end of the game!

Mitchell bundled up during the game!

Mitchell with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up game for the Wii.

My niece, Nicole, and nephew, Reid - He is getting so big!

Jason and I back at my brother's nice and warm! :-)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

22 weeks!

Things have been going pretty good here at the Patterson household. We had an OB appointment last week that was pretty routine...weight check, blood pressure check, and heartbeat. I could listen to that sound all day long and not get tired of it! It was beating perfectly in the 130s & 140s. Since the appointment, I *think* I am finally starting to feel this little one moving!! Unfortunately, it's not consistent at all so I'm not positive. I supposed I'll know when I start feeling it more regularly.

Jason and I took a short trip to Chicago this weekend - shopping, eating, and just hanging out. Even though it wasn't exciting, it was nice to just spend time together away from home. Now, I have a lovely respiratory cough. If it's not better by the end of the week I'm supposed to get in to the doctor's office. Hopefully it will be gone soon!!