Monday, May 28, 2012

40 Weeks!

Well, here we are...40 weeks! I truly didn't think we would make it this far since Drake came at 39 weeks 1 day. The good news is that I am feeling great, I got a lot accomplished on my week off work, we've had a great weekend, but now I'm ready.

Okay, let's face it ... I am more than ready!

Thursday night, I went to labor and delivery because I wasn't feeling much movement. By the time we got there, he was going crazy and his heartrate was in the upper 170s. We were monitored for a while and when his heartrate finally got back down to normal (in the 140s/150s), I was contracting every 1-2 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn't make any change to my cervix (still at 2cm) so they sent me home.

My next appointment is tomorrow so we'll see if anything has changed. At this point, we will schedule an induction for sometime later this week or early next week. Of course, I'm still holding out hope that he will come on his own before then, but it's certainly not looking that way.


Erin said...

I thought Hudson would arrive around the same time Parker did (38 weeks) but he was 3 days before his due date. Soak in a few snuggles from Drake and little brother will be here soon :) prayng for you!

katery said...

omg, i probably would have died if i made it to 40 weeks! by the time i went to labor and delivery (at 37.5 weeks) i could barely breathe, and louise wasn't a very big baby (6 pounds 10 ounces). i guess i'm not very big either though, there wasn't much room in there for a baby. you look so tiny though! tiny body with a big cute belly! anyway, i hope baby #2 comes very soon. good luck mama.