Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colin's Birth Story

We arrived at the hospital shortly after midnight on May 30th, got to the labor and delivery room. After answering a bunch of questions and signing consents, the nurse checked me - 3cm and 50% effaced. No change since my appointment so she gave me Cytotec to thin my cervix about 1:30am. We tried to get some sleep, but that didn't work too well since I was being pumped full of fluids and needed to use the restroom or they were coming in to check my vitals. I was supposed to start pitocin at 5:30am, but I had been contracting on my own all night (yeah) even though I couldn't really feel them. At 6:45am, the nurse checked me again (still 3cm and 50%) and started the pitocin. After just 30 minutes, she had to turn it off because I was contracting too quickly. :-)

My doctor came in around 8:45am (still 3cm and 50%) and decided to break my water.  She went into a 3 hour procedure and 10:30am and kind of joked about not having the baby until she was done.

The contractions got much stronger after she broke my water. By 10:30am I could breathe through them but they were definitely painful. I was debating on when to get my epidural so the nurse checked me, and I was at 5cm and 100% effaced! So, I ordered the epidural!

Once again, my epidural was awesome! I didn't feel any contractions once it was in, but I could put enough pressure on my heels to raise my bottom from the bed when I needed to.

At 12:30pm, the nurse came in after watching the monitor to check me and I was at 10cm! The bad doctor was still in her procedure. Sure, I could have started pushing, but it might have been a while because Colin was still high. Since I couldn't feel the contractions anyway, they wanted me to drift. So, we just hung out and rested. By 1:30pm I was starting to feel pressure and the urge the push. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, and I could wait a little longer.

My doctor showed up at 2:15pm, I started pushing and Colin was born at 2:30pm! His cord was wrapped around his neck so Dr. Dudley had to cut it before his body was even out. She cleaned out his mouth, and he let out the biggest cry. He actually continued crying for a while...guess he liked it in there. ;-)

I held him for the longest time while they did his Apgar tests (8 and 9...just like his big brother) and then they took him to get his weight (8lbs 4oz), length (20 inches), and give him the Vitamin K shot.

Next up...Drake meeting Colin!


Erin said...

Way to go Momma :) He is perfect! Such sweet pictures!

Allison said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad everything went well for yall! He's too cute!