Wednesday, May 30, 2012


At my appointment yesterday morning, I was dilated to 2cm. Then, we decided she would strip my membranes, and she said it was maybe closer to 3cm. But, my cervix was still high and "pretty thick." She also said that this baby is bigger than Drake (7lbs 13oz).

I've been off work for over a week and need my FMLA to kick in next week plus my doctor is leaving on vacation sometime next week. Being 40 weeks and 1 day, we talked about induction. She suggested either this Thursday or next Monday and gave me the option. I couldn't decide so I left the office and planned to call them back in the afternoon.

After talking it through with Jason, my mom and a nurse friend, I settled on Thursday. This would work out nicely as I could spend a whole day with Drake and my parents would have time to get down here to stay with him while we went in. Although, this also meant that he was going to be born on our anniversary.

I called the office back and then waited to get confirmation that the hospital would be ready on Thursday. The nurse finally called me back about 4:30pm when I was picking up Drake and said the hospital couldn't do Thursday, but they could do Wednesday! That meant I had a few hours to figure out arrangements for Drake overnight and get our stuff together. Luckily, Jason's niece was able to come over and stay with him while we were gone and then will drop him off at daycare this morning!

So, we're at the hospital and praying for a safe delivery of baby boy #2 (who still doesn't have an official name). :-)


katery said...

omg! amber!! i'm so excited for you! i hope this is a nice easy labor, good luck mama!

Kahla said...

Sending lots of prayers for a speedy and safe delivery! Good luck!