Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reid Raymond

Here they are... a few pictures of our first visit with my new nephew:
We got to the hospital around 10:30 this morning to visit. Mom and baby are doing great. Michelle was already up walking around and could eat regular food today so she was happy. While we were there, they did his hearing test, and he passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay too long since we had to get back for tonight's Bowl for Kids Sake. We'll see him again in April!

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm an aunt, again!

My sister and her husband welcomed their baby boy into the world this morning after almost two long days in the hospital. Reid Raymond Rohner was born at 6:50am, 6lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches long! I don't have any pictures yet, but will hopefully soon.

Congratulations Michelle and Jarrod
Welcome baby Reid!!!


Monday, February 23, 2009


In case you are confused by the titles the past two's how to decipher it: 4 days past 3 day transfer (or 4dp3dt).

I talked to the IVF lab this morning. We have nothing to freeze. The two they were watching made it to the blastocyst stage (step one of being able to freeze), but they did not have an inner cell mass. Had no clue what that meant so here is a picture I found on wikipedia:

It appears that the inner cell mass is what actually allows the baby to grow and develop so they do not freeze if it isn't there. She was quick to remind me that all fertilized eggs are different so not to be concerned about the ones that were transferred. And, to be honest, I hadn't even thought about that until she said it. Thanks!

I also checked the grading for the two we had transferred because I didn't recall finding out on Thursday - the 8 cell was graded 3+. I believe they grade on a 1-4 scale with 4 being the best, is this right, Jamie? (another question I should have asked before getting off the phone). Apparently, they do not grade the morula's, but she said that it was very nice.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, it's been three days since the transfer, and I got out of the house for the first time today. I try to lay on the couch and relax Thursday and Friday, but when you have a dog who thinks they need to go outside every 20 minutes and your husband is back at work it makes it pretty difficult! :-) Jason did go into work on Thursday night and all day Friday, but he has been great - he's done a ton of laundry (except putting it away, guess that's my job), emptied the dishwasher, gotten meals together and ran a couple errands for me. On Saturday, my friend, Mel, came over and insisted on doing some things around the house. Thanks, Mel!

Our friends, Jim, Heather, and Addison came to visit on Saturday night. The boys went to a birthday party for a friend while the girls hung out at the house. I couldn't believe how big Addison has gotten! It was almost two months ago the last time we saw her, and she has changed so much! What a doll!

This morning, I made it to church and then even ran to Meijer to grab a couple things. It's amazing how tired I was after just those two little things, but I guess that's bound to happen when I haven't been doing much of anything for the past 2.5 days.

The lab called this morning. I missed their call by 2 minutes, and when I called back I had to leave a message. Guess I'll hear tomorrow if our two other embies made it to freeze.

It's back to work tomorrow for me. Nice thing is that work is busy, and I've got a ton of shows that I love right now. Hopefully that means the next 10 or so days will go by quickly. :-)

Thanks for all of your great and encouraging comments!!

Cady - I couldn't find any great definition of a morula on the internet. So, how I understand it is that it is further along than the 8 cell but before the blastocyst . They are not able to count the cells because they are compacting. The biologist told me it was a good thing so that's all I really went on.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Transfer Day!

Today was the day! We left yesterday afternoon, stopped for dinner at The Beef House and made our way to Indy. I slept pretty good, but did wake up a few times this morning and was praying that we would have 2-8 celled embryos to transfer this morning. I drank my 24-32 ounces of water, took the valium, and we waited to be called back once we got to the hospital. We got checked in with the nurse and the biologist brought us the picture of our two embyros we were transfering 8 cell and a compact morula!!! I couldn't believe it! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pic, but the scanner was broken so we had to take a picture of it.)

We still have two growing....that hopefully will make it to freeze. They were at a 6 cell and a 7 cell. I'll know more on Saturday.

For now, I'm hanging on the couch (and SO glad we got this laptop!). I'll be watching tv, playing on the internet, and housework or running errands for me! Back to work on Monday than waiting for the blood test.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grow, grow, grow!!!

I talked to the biologist this morning who told me that four of the six eggs retrieved are showing signs of fertilization!!! The other two, they weren't able to do anything with because they were too young. So, that is good news! Now, our prayer is that they will continue to GROW to beautiful 8 celled embryos! We are definitely scheduled for a three day transfer, which means we'll be back in Indy on Thursday.


Monday, February 16, 2009


I know I skipped to the real important stuff, but I wanted to update on the rest of our weekend, too! Friday night, I had my girls "bunco" night only this month we made cards. Thanks to my great friend, Sarie, for taking the time to get everything together and come up with the ideas for us!
Becky, Sarie, Leann, and Kelly
Lisa, me, Val
Saturday was our pre-op appointment in Urbana and then we came back to get ready for our Valentine's Day dinner with friends! We went to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse...if you have never been to a Japanese Steakhouse, I highly recommend it! Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was a ton of fun, too!

Jason and Heather

Jim and Heather
me and J
our cook

Egg Retrieval

Today went pretty well! We drove to Indy last night since we needed to be at the hospital at 6:45am. Once we got the hospital, and I was called back things went quickly. The nurse got the paperwork signed, I got changed, the IVF lab rep came in to discuss what they were going to do, and then the anesthesiologist came in. Funny story here...he asked Jason if he was my ride. If you know my husband, at all, his response won't surprise you, but it had us all laughing! He said, "Yes, and I'll drive her home, too!" Go figure, never a servious moment with him. The anesthesiologist also mentioned that I looked familiar. I told him, "No" and that I hopefully won't have to see him again. (not being mean, just praying that this time works) He was very nice.

After this, I was surprised that Dr. Jarrett, himself, wheeled me to the OR. I walked in, got on the table, and the last thing I remember was the nurse putting the blood pressure cuff on. I woke up 20 minutes later back in the first room, and Jason walked in.

He told me they got 6 eggs. I will admit that I was a little disappointed. I had hoped for a few more, but also prayed that God would allow them to retrieve exactly what we needed. I know it only takes one, but it still would have been reassuring to have more.

So, now, we pray that they are being fertilitzed and growing exactly how they should! I'll have more to update tomorrow. For now, I think I am going to take a nap!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Retrieval is scheduled!

Yes, you read that right...our retrieval is scheduled for Monday morning in Ind.ianapolis (time TBD)! I can't believe the time is finally here to do this, but I am so excited to get this done and get our BFP!

I had my b/w and u/s this morning and things were looking pretty good. This time there were six measurable follicles with four of them being mature. I'm really hoping that by Monday they are able to get a few more than six since I'm still taking the stims today and tomorrow.

We'll be making the trek to Urbana for our pre-op appointment tomorrow morning and will get more details then. Should make an interesting Valentine's evening...we're having dinner with friends, and I'm going to have to do the Ovi.drel injection. Hopefully the timing will work out perfectly especially since it has to remain refrigerated.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grow follies!

It seems like forever since my last appointment so I just had no clue how today would go. But, it went just as the doctor had hoped. I've been on the Bra.velle/Men.opur mix for six days now, and I've got two measurable follicles on each ovary with five more on each a little smaller. I was hoping for a couple more larger ones, but I've still got some time. I'm to continue what I have been doing and go back on Friday morning for another blood draw and ultrasound.

I forgot to ask how many they were hoping for, but they didn't seem concerned so I guess that is good. I'm hoping that when I go back on Friday there are a few more on each side that are large enough.

For those that have been through it, does this sound about right? My estimated retrieval date is Monday.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Infertility Myths & Facts

(Found here:

Infertility is a women's problem.

This is untrue. It surprises most people to learn that infertility is a female problem in 35% of the cases, a male problem in 35% of the cases, a combined problem of the couple in 20% of cases, and unexplained in 10% of cases. It is essential that both the man and the woman be evaluated during an infertility work-up.

Myth: Everyone seems to get pregnant at the drop of a hat.

Fact: More than five million people of childbearing age in the United States experience infertility.

Myth: It's all in your head! Why don't you relax or take a vacation. Then you'll get pregnant!

Fact: Infertility is a disease or condition of the reproductive system. While relaxing may help you with your overall quality of life, the stress and deep emotions you feel are the result of infertility, not the cause of it. Improved medical techniques have made it easier to diagnose infertility problems.

Myth: Don't worry so much -- it just takes time. You'll get pregnant if you're just patient.

Fact: Infertility is a medical problem that may be treated. At least 50% of those who complete an infertility evaluation will respond to treatment with a successful pregnancy. Some infertility problems respond with higher or lower success rates. Those who do not seek help have a "spontaneous cure rate" of about 5% after a year of infertility.

Myth: If you adopt a baby you'll get pregnant!

Fact: This is one of the most painful myths for couples to hear. First it suggests that adoption is only a means to an end, not an happy and successful end in itself. Second, it is simply not true. Studies reveal that the rate for achieving pregnancy after adopting is the same as for those who do not adopt.

Myth: Why don't you just forget it and adopt? After all, there are so many babies out there who need homes!

Fact: For many, adoption is a happy resolution to infertility. However, most people explore medical treatment for infertility prior to considering adoption. In addition, traditional adoption options have changed, and adoption can be more costly and time-consuming than expected. It is, however, still possible to adopt the healthy baby of your dreams. There are also many older children and children with special needs available for adoption.

Myth: Maybe you two are doing something wrong!

Fact: Infertility is a medical condition, not a sexual disorder.

Perhaps this is God's way of telling you that you two aren't meant to be parents!

It is particularly difficult to hear this when you are struggling with infertility. You know what loving parents you would be, and it is painful to have to explain to others that you have a medical problem.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Dinner

My parents come to town on Saturday to take me out to dinner for my upcoming birthday! We ended up at Central Station in downtown old firehouse for those who aren't from here. I know it's been over a year since I have eaten there and my paren'ts hadn't been there since I graduated from college eight years ago! We had a great meal, then went for ice cream and came home to watch Fire.proof. Such a great movie!

mom and dad at dinner
me and Jason


Friday, February 6, 2009

Unexplained Infertility...what is it??

This entry is coming to you to give you information on unexplained infertility. Although a lot of people suffering with infertility have a specific diagnosis, there are many who have no known reason for their infertility.

Typical story: You and your partner have tried for at least a year to get pregnant with no luck. You’ve both gone for fertility testing and are just waiting to hear the results so that you can get started on some type of treatment. No matter what the diagnosis is, you know that you and your partner can work through it. You’ve both prepared yourselves for the worst. But have you prepared yourself to hear "After reviewing your tests, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for your infertility?"

"What? There is no cause for my inability to conceive? After all those tests you still can't give me any answers?!"

Approximately one in five couples will experience unexplained infertility despite completing a full infertility work-up. The emotional response can be difficult, maddening and frustrating. Couples who do find out a specific cause find their situations difficult, too, of course, but knowing the "whys" may make it more bearable. In cases of unexplained infertility, couples feel that one reason, one cause is lurking in a shadowy corner. It just hasn't been uncovered yet.

This is what you need to remember: You are doing everything you can, you are seeing the best doctor and you are becoming an educated consumer. Before you feel like all hope is lost, try to see the situation in a different light. Perhaps the issue isn’t that your fertility is some big enigma. Rather, try to remember that scientific knowledge is limited and testing devices aren’t always adequate enough to provide a proper diagnosis. Therefore, the actual reason for your infertility may not be known yet or no tools exist that are able to properly diagnose your infertility.

It is extremely difficult for those with unexplained infertility to know when to stop looking for a cause, to say "enough is enough." You may feel stuck unable to get on with other options because you hang on to those slender threads of hope that the cause of your infertility will be revealed in the next test or treatment.

In reality, there are probably hundreds of "causes" of infertility. What this means is that there are a lot of things that have to happen perfectly in order to conceive and have a baby. As a simplified example:

  • The hormones that stimulate egg development must be made in the brain and pituitary and be released properly
  • The egg must be of sufficient quality and be chromosomally normal
  • The egg must develop to maturity
  • The brain must release a sufficient surge of the LH hormone to stimulate final maturation of the egg
  • The follicle (eggs develop in structures called follicles in the ovaries) must rupture and release the follicular fluid and the egg
  • The tube must "pick up" the egg
  • The sperm must survive their brief visit in the vagina, enter the cervical mucous, swim to the fallopian tube and "find" the egg
  • The sperm must be able to get through the cumulus cells around the egg and bind the shell (zona pellucida) of the egg
  • The sperm must undergo a biochemical reaction and release their DNA package (23 chromosomes) into the egg
  • The fertilized egg must be able to divide
  • The early embryo must continue to divide and develop normally
  • After 3 days, the tube should have transported the embryo into the uterus
  • The embryo must continue to develop into a blastocyst
  • The blastocyst must hatch from its shell
  • The endometrial lining of the uterus must be properly developed and receptive
  • The hatched blastocyst must attach to the endometrial lining and "implant"
  • Many more miracles in early embryonic and fetal development must then follow...
A weak link anywhere in this chain can cause failure to conceive

The above list is very oversimplified, but the point is made. There are literally hundreds of molecular and biochemical events that have to function properly in order to have a pregnancy develop. The standard tests for infertility barely scratch the surface and are really only looking for very obvious factors, such as blocked tubes, abnormal sperm counts, ovulation regularity, etc. These tests do not address the molecular issues at all. That is still for the future...

Getting Pregnant
The duration of infertility is important. The longer the infertility, the less likely the couple is to conceive on their own. Even though your infertility problems may not be rationalized by modern science, it does not mean that you must lead a childless life. Studies have shown that a couple’s chance of naturally conceiving after three years of unexplained infertility range from 1% to 6% per month compared to a fertile couple, who have a 20% chance of conceiving in any given month. Although these may not be the best odds, it shows that it is possible to spontaneously conceive without the aid of any fertility drugs.

Some couples, though, prefer to increase their odds of conceiving by utilizing various fertility treatments. Using infertility drugs, like clomiphene or injectable fertility drugs to aid in ovulation for several cycles, many couples have found success with intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilitzation. In fact, some studies have shown that couples with unexplained infertility have a better success rate with these techniques than couples with explained fertility problems.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary,
Chad & Kelly!!!

I can't believe it was 14 years ago that you were married. Congratulations! (Does this color remind you of anything??)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Last night was our annual Super Bowl party with the neighbors. We had a great time...watching the commercials and the game. I think most of us were cheering for Arizona, so the game didn't end the way we had hoped, but it was still a good one.

Mason & Alec

Freeman's - Mike & Kelly

Zach & Camron watching the 3-D commercials
Becky & me


Thayers -Jenny & Eric
Schneringer kids with Kahlua
(I think Kahlua was exhausted so she didn't care that they were laying on her!)