Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots of changes going on.

This has been quite the week so far!

Drake has been taking quite a while to get through his bottles so we thought it might be time to transition to the level 3 nipples. We used one on Monday night and Tuesday morning, but then he didn't handle it so well at daycare. So, we have switched back to level 2's.

We've also had a little issue with him eating his cereal. He only ate 2 bites on Monday night, almost all of it on Tuesday night and only a couple bites Wednesday night! I'm not sure if this has anything to do with his teething or if he has decided he doesn't like it. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, that would be great!

Tuesday night was also a night of lots of firsts....

He got his toes in his mouth!Had a little diluted apple juice from a sippy cup!
Sat "up" unassisted for maybe a minute! :-)
We're also thinking we might have an early crawler on our hands. Check out this video:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Better Late than Never!

On Thursday night, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate Jason's nephew's 3rd birthday! I'm guessing we may be back there a few times in the coming years.
I think he could have shot baskets all night if we would have let him.
I wasn't sure what Caden would think of the mascot, but he was okay.

Attempting Skee-Ball...unfortunately, he didn't make any in the rings.
Maybe next year!

Grandpa P. & Drake
Drake & Daddy
Do you think he was ready for cake?!

I still remember the morning that I got the call Karen was at the hospital. She was only 37 weeks pregnant, but Caden decided he was going to make his arrival. He was breech so she was headed in for a C-section. When I got to the hospital, he was already born. Unfortunately, Jason was out of town for work. Caden spent a week in the NICU, but came home healthy as can be. This little boy has been such a joy to watch grow and change!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caden!! We love you!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Five Months!!

Dear Drake,

Really? You're five months old already? I can't believe it! You are getting so big. There are so many fun new things for me to mention this month.

Last month you rolled over from your back to belly and this month you rolled from belly to back! The first time was at your doctor's appointment on the 7th, and then you did it at home on June 15th. You haven't done it too much more though - maybe only a handful of times. You used to roll to your belly in your crib and fuss about it, but now you LOVE to sleep on your belly. Your daddy still puts you down on your back, but most nights you end up on your tummy. I've even rolled you back over to your belly a few times just because I'm still a nervous momma.I'm a little nervous to think that you might start crawling soon! When you are on your tummy, you can pull your knees under you and stick that little tush right up in the air. I'm guessing I have a little while since you aren't up on all fours yet, but I'm sure you'll start that soon, too.Your daddy and I have started reading to you on a regular basis. You love to look at the books, and so far like Cars and Dr. Suess's The Foot Book.We play a lot of "Where's Drake?" or "Peek-a-Boo", and you think that's pretty funny. We love to get you laughing. It is such a precious sound to us!

The jumperoo is becoming more fun for you! You really like the sounds and lights. You stayed in it for 20 minutes one day!

You went to the pool for the first time with our neighbors. You loved being outside and watching all the people, but you didn't like the water so much since it wasn't as warm as your bathwater. You took a snooze and went on the lazy river with momma and didn't even know it! I can't wait to get in our pool with you. I think you will really like it since you love bathtime! Hopefully it will be ready soon.
This month you started baby food! You had rice cereal for the first time on June 25th, and you did a great job! You kept reaching for the spoon and opening your mouth up real wide. On July 1st, you had oatmeal, and you LOVE it! You'll be trying lots of new foods in the next month, and if you are anything like your momma, the fruits will be your favorite. :-)
You are still sleeping 12 hours consistently! Yea!! You usually take great naps at Miss Alicia's, but haven't gotten into that same rhythm at home. I'm not sure why that is, but you seem to be happy so that's okay.

No teeth yet, but you seem to going through that teething process - drooling and wanting to "chew" on everything. :-)

You are wearing size 2 diapers - Pampers at night since they seem to keep you the driest, but Huggies and Luvs are good during the day - and mostly size 3-6 months clothes. You can still fit into some size 3 months and most size 6 months are a little too big.

One other really important thing happened this month. Your dedication ceremony was on June 6th at church. This is the time when your daddy and I agreed to raise you in a Christian home and church and to teach you about our Lord & Savior. The day when you decide to accept Jesus into your heart will be a very special one for us...a day we are praying for. So many people came to witness the ceremony and support us - Grandma & Grandpa Williams, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Jarrod, Reid, Aunt Karen, Caden, Great Aunt Leta, the Stolz family, the Bush family, and the Campbell family.I love to watch you grow and change every single day. I can't wait to see what new things you are doing next month!Happy 5 month birthday, Drake!