Saturday, June 30, 2012

Colin: One Month!

Dear Colin,

You are ONE month old!! The time has gone quickly and you are getting so big already.

You are a great eater and love to nurse. You are eating every 2.5-3 hours depending on your sleep, and we've started giving you a bottle for your last feeding of the night (4 ounces). Sometimes nursing is the only thing we can do to calm you down when you aren't happy. You will take a pacifer, but only if you aren't too upset.

We're still getting into a good sleep routine. You have had stretches of up to 5.5 hours between feedings at night but not all that consistent. When you first came home, we let you sleep wherever you were happy, including on the couch, but now you are sleeping in the rock & play in your room. Once we get some consistency, we'll move you to your crib.

You have started focusing more on us and things around you which is so neat to see.

You are not a big fan of baths.

You like your swing, and you almost always fall asleep in the car.

You had your first trip to Freeport last weekend. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Williams' for the Ag Breakfast and then a get-together at Krape Park so family and friends could meet you.
You are wearing newborn size diapers and mostly newborn size clothes although some 3 month clothes fit.

You still have your blue eyes. Your hair is a light brown and pretty thin right now.
Happy one month birthday, Colin!

I love you!


katery said...

he is such a cutie amber, and such a big boy already!

Jason said...


Please add my name a picture to the banner at the top. I feel left out. ;-(