Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colin: Three Weeks Old

My sweet baby has been here for three weeks already! Time is going SO quickly.

I had been watching for swings at garage sales and on Craigslist. I knew I wanted to get one that went both directions and that I could plug in, but I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure Colin would like it (Drake didn't). Last Thursday, Colin wasn't very happy and had to be held a lot so I knew it was time to look for a swing. And, we found one at a garage sale that afternoon! It's in excellent condition and Colin LOVES it!!

Colin also had his first real bath on Thursday night:

Friday night...he was up until about 12:30am and ended up sleeping in a Rock 'n Play that our friend let us borrow. Once he fell asleep, he was out until 6am!

Colin spent a lot of time in the swing on Saturday. I hoping he'll start soothing himself to sleep. I started getting him a feeding schedule every 2.5 hours in hopes that he'll sleep longer stretches at night.

My friend, Jean Ann, stopped by today to bring Colin a present and officially meet him. (She came to the hospital, but he was nursing and it was crazy when she was there.)

We went to church for the first time on Sunday (Father's Day) since Colin's birth. After church, we took Jason to lunch and then had naptime for everyone! We also spent a little time with Grandpa Patterson and Aunt Karen that evening.

Monday was our first day home alone (daddy had to go back to work :-( ). We took Drake to daycare and hung out at home until I had to be at a meeting in the afternoon.

We ran errands and attended a retirement party for my co-worker on Tuesday and Colin did great on his schedule.
Our friend, Matt, also came to visit and meet Colin.

He slept well Tuesday night. I, on the other hand, woke up feeling very weak and having pain in my left breast early this morning...mastitis! UGH!

After taking Drake to daycare today, we took a nap and then I called my doctor's office...thankfully, they called in a prescription. My friend, Sarah, brought lunch over and we just hung out the rest of the day at home. (Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of her with Colin...oops!)

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