Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colin's Room

Colin's room is finally complete!

I got the framed items for the walls from Uppercase Living and Etsy. Jason painted back in mid-March. And, the furniture got here at the end of April...just a month late!
I wanted to paint and re-upholster the glider, but ran out of time and it just wasn't worth it. ;-) The furniture is made by Pali - the Emilia Forever Crib with the Volterra dresser and nightstand.

I also ordered his name for above the bed off of Etsy. (Thank you Pinterest for helping me find it!)

My co-worker, Anita, made his crib skirt and quilt. I LOVE the bright colors!

I LOVE how it turned out!


katery said...

totally adorable amber, great job!

twondra said...

I think it's adorable!