Sunday, June 3, 2012

The rest of our hospital stay...

Our pediatrician came to the hospital late Wednesday afternoon and said that Colin looked great! He had a hematoma on his head which said can sometimes mean that they will be jaundice as well but his level was good. She also heard a slight heart murmur, but she wasn't concerned and thought it might be gone in the morning.

We had a few visitors...
Grandpa Patterson 
 Aunt Karen and Caden 
 Grandma Williams
 And, Grandpa Williams.

My parents took Drake back to our house so Jason could stay at the hospital with me and Colin.We sent Colin to the nursery about 10:30pm and they brought him back an hour later to eat. lol! He was with us until 1:30am when I sent him with the nurses again and asked them to try the pacifier. They didn't bring him back until about 5:30am and it sounded like he got spoiled by the nurses. ;-) Good thing they weren't too busy that night.

Thursday was Jason and my 9 year wedding anniversary...spent at the hospital. I'm thinking next year, we should be spending it in Hawaii. :-)

My doctor came first thing in the morning and offered to let me go home, but there was no way I was leaving yet. lol! I enjoyed my time with the staff taking care of me and being able to order food, plus Colin wouldn't be discharged yet.

Then, it turned into a crazy, busy morning. The pediatrician was back and could still hear the murmur so she ordered an echocardiogram and EKG just to be on the safe side. They had to take him to the nursery for the echo, but they did the EKG right in our room. Look at all those wires on my baby!
Colin had his hearing test:
He passed both ears in 5 minutes! The guy doing the test said that the average to pass is 20 minutes so our little guy has great hearing (especially with all the commotion going on in the room).

Then, he had a small photo shoot with Bella Baby Photography. She got a couple cute shots, but I haven't decided if I'm buying anything yet because we already have his newborn shoot booked. If you want to check them out, just visit the website, go to view photos and enter jbassett0530patterson for the password.

After all of this, we all took a 3hour nap!

We had a couple visitors on Thursday night including a staff member from our church, my friend Jean Ann (who I didn't get a picture of since Colin was eating when she was there), and my friend, Melissa:

The nurses took Colin later that night to do a couple more tests (blood pressure/pulse ox and PKU) and get his weight - 7lbs 14oz. He spent the night in the nursery again so we could get a little sleep.

Friday morning, my doctor came bright and early and we finally got a picture of her holding Colin.

A pediatrician from our office came in about noon and said Colin looked good. His billirubin level was at 7 and she couldn't hear the murmur at all! Yeah!! They did another weight check before we left, and he was at 7lbs 11oz.

We go in the office tomorrow for his circumcision and a weight/jaundice check. I'm hoping his weight has leveled off since I know my milk has come in and he's been eating like crazy! :-)

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K.M.L said...

Love the pics...
I think once at the beginning and once at the end you meant to write Colin, but wrote Drake instead! :) Hope you 4 are doing well!!