Monday, June 25, 2012

Freeport: Ag Breakfast / Krape Park

We spent this past weekend in Freeport at my parent's house visiting...Colin's first road trip! We left town right after Drake got up from his nap which worked out perfect. We stopped in Rockford at Beef-a-Roo for dinner and so I could feed Colin and then headed to my parent's house. Unfortunately, I think Colin got a little overstimulated and was pretty fussy. Drake didn't sleep well that night either - he didn't go down until close to 9:30pm, I heard him about 2am, and then he was up about 6:30am.

We headed out to the Ag Breakfast on Saturday morning (The cinnamon coffee cake was awesome!). 
Drake loved seeing the animals, but he was too quick - I couldn't get a picture of him actually petting one!

After breakfast, we went to my sister's so the boys could play in the pool before lunch and naps.

Thankfully, Drake took a great nap and Colin slept while he went with Daddy and Grandpa to pick up Grandpa's motorcycle. A little break for momma which was awesome!

Then, we headed out to Krape Park for a cookout with family and friends. I didn't get nearly enough pictures, but here's a few.
 Cousins headed off to play (Colin was sleeping. :-))
 Aunt Kelly with Colin
My mom's friend, Sandy, with Colin

We headed back to my parents house and gave Drake a bath - he was out quickly from a long day and slept soundly until after 7am! We had breakfast and were on our way home by 10:30am.

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