Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colin: Two Weeks Old

We took Colin back to the doctor on Thursday for a weight/jaundice check and were really happy with the results! He weighed in at 7lbs 15.5oz (up 4oz) and his jaundice was down to 12.6!!!
On Wednesday and Thursday night, this is pretty much how Colin slept...on the couch on a blanket. It's the only place we could get him to sleep for any amount of time and we were going with it. This, of course, meant I was sleeping on the couch, too, but I didn't care as long as I got a little sleep.

My sister and nephew came to visit and meet Colin this weekend. We ventured out to the mall for dinner on Friday night and Colin had an awesome night sleeping! We got him to sleep in his pack & play that night. I think we're finally figuring out what he likes...laying on blankets and propped up a little bit. He also seems to want to cluster feed in the evening. After all of this, he went from 11pm - 2:45am and went back down after nursing until 5:30am! Yay for 3 straight hours of sleep!
I was so glad he slept well because we had a busy day planned for Saturday.

On Saturday night, Colin's umbilical stump fell off! Yea! Now, we're just waiting on the plasti-bell to go so we can take a bath.

After sleeping pretty much all day, I was concerned about Colin sleeping at night. He was fussy for a little while but once he fell asleep around midnight, he slept until just after 4am! woo hoo! He probably would have slept longer, but I picked him up to feed him. He went back down about 5am and then I got him up to feed about 8:15am.
 brotherly love

We just hung out at the house on Sunday. A girl that used to work with Jason and came over to attempt some pictures, but Colin wasn't being a very good subject. Of course, after she left and we were outside having popsicles, he was snoozing right away. He slept great again Sunday night - going down around 11pm, up about 2:30am and then again at 6am. I'm just hoping he'll keep this up. I can handle this schedule. lol!

Monday was spent at home again and his plasti-bell came off! Who knew that that could be so exciting? This momma's excited because it means that we can do a real bath!

Today, we had Colin's 2-week doctor's appointment. He was up to 8lbs 8oz (4 ounces over his birth weight) and 21 1/2 inches long (grew 1 1/2 inches)! Dr. Rosa was very happy with how he is doing and said we can stop supplementing...yeah! 

We also had a visit from Tori who loved snuggling with Colin:

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