Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Day in Peoria

My sister and nephew came down this weekend to meet Colin. On Saturday morning, we headed to Peoria for the Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop. This was our first time trying it, and I definitely think we'll do it again. They give you an apron, googles, and a small hammer and it's FREE!
Drake made an airplane! He said he like doing a "project". :-)
Colin was there, too! :-) 

After we finished at Lowe's, we headed over to the Peoria Zoo. We hadn't been here before either so we were excited to check it out. I have to admit that we were really disappointed in the beginning because there just weren't many animals, but once we got to their Africa exhibit, we were very happy! They have a new tiger that wasn't out and they are working on an Australia exhibit that's supposed to be open mid-July. Maybe we'll try going back this fall when that is complete.
Colin slept almost the entire time at the zoo except when we went inside to eat lunch. It was a beautiful day for the drive and activities, but this momma was exhausted!

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