Monday, April 30, 2012

36 Weeks!

Wow! Approximately 4 weeks left to meet our little guy. We've gotten some things done this week including picking up his dresser and nightstand! I also got curtains, a hamper, lamp and a garbage can for his room. All of the clothes have been washed and put away in his dresser and I've started getting our bag together for the hospital.

I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll be getting the Group B Strep Test done, and I'm curious if she'll check to see if there is anything going on. :-)  The pressure has increased, but I still feel him moving around quite a bit....hoping he is getting into position. Drake came 6 days before his due date so I'm very interested to see when this little one will make his appearance.

You can see my 36 week picture with Drake here
Don't forget to put in your guess for this little guy! (link on the right side of the blog)

We still have a few things to do:
  • finish packing a bag for the hospital 
  • make our list for phone calls at the hospital 
  • decide on baby boy's name!

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