Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Grocery Challenge

Meijer: OOP $40.87, Saved $12.16!

Again, not a good sale week at Meijer, but I had to pick up a couple things for a dessert I found on Pinterest that I was making for our small group on Tuesday night....and I had to get dog food.

I found out about a money maker deal on travel size Pantene at the last minute on Saturday so I had to make a quick run - spent $8.16 and got $20 to use on my next purchase! I'd say and $11.84 money maker was worth the quick trip. :-)

Target: OOP $4.55, Saved $1.65!

I went with high hopes to be pick up the FREE Food Saver and shaving cream and cheap Magnum Bites ice cream, but the shelves were completely bare! Hopefully they will be in stock before my coupons expire. I ended up only getting yogurt for Drake. 

 Dollar General: OOP $2.97, Saved $7.00!

CVS: OOP $1.01, Saved $20.92!

Weekly Totals: OOP $49.40, Saved $41.73! (46% savings!)

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