Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drake's New Bed: Transition #2!

Drake has done SO well in his toddler bed since we made the transition in February. He hasn't fallen out of the bed, and he's only gotten out without us coming in to tell him it was okay twice. Each time he had been awake for a while and was coming to the door when we went in. Since Jason was picking up the crib yesterday, we decided it was time to buy the full-size bed and transition him into it.

I cannot believe my baby is sleeping in a FULL-SIZE bed!

It's much higher off the ground than both Jason and I thought it would be, but he has done great. 

And...for a sneak peak into baby brother's room: 

 I'm hoping to have an update on baby #2's room next weekend. :-)

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Kahla said...

Loving both rooms! Chase went straight from his crib to a twin bed and loved it. They look tiny in the big bed, but the extra room is always a hit!