Friday, April 20, 2012

Gamma Phi Circus!

My tumbling coach from when I was a kid told us about her experience of being in the circus while in college. Now, I know what you are circus? with animals?

No, this is a collegiate circus which is more gymnastics based. There are actually two in the country - one at Florida State University and one at Illinois State University.

Once I decided to finish my degree at ISU, I knew I would look into the Gamma Phi Circus as a way to be involved and meet new people....and I did!This is where I met one of my best friends from college. The funny thing about it is that we only lived about 40 minutes away from each other from birth until then.

Anyway, that friend, along with her son, and our other college roommate and her daughter came to town, and we all went to the Gamma Phi Circus show today.

 (Hudson-4, Drake-2, Addison-3)

If you're ever in the area in April, consider seeing the show!

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