Monday, April 2, 2012

32 weeks!

The past two weeks have gone by SO quickly...probably because we were on vacation for a majority of that time. I survived two 14+ hour car rides and chasing down a toddler on the beach so I guess we're doing pretty well. I haven't been very good at tracking the movements since we were gone, but I've felt him quite a bit so I'm not concerned. We'll get back on track this week. :-)

We thought this little guy's furniture would be here by the time we got back from vacation (or before), but we are still waiting. I called on Friday and was told that it got held up in customs. Does this sound familiar? It was one of the "excuses" we heard when we were waiting on Drake's furniture, too. She said it should be here in a week and a half so I'm holding them to it. At that point, we'll be almost 34 weeks along and that is cutting it a little close in my opinion.

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