Wednesday, November 3, 2010

9 months!

Dear Drake,

You are nine months old!! I cannot believe how much you keep changing every day. You are growing into quite the active little boy right before our eyes. We love to watch you contemplate and try new things.

This month you had your first real cold and ear infection. You were such a trooper though and didn't let it affect you too much. We sure hope we don't see too many more of these! At that doctor's appointment you weighed 17lbs 7 ounces.

You're still sleeping and eating good! You are extremely interested in anything you can feed yourself. The baby foods are hit and miss now. Purees that include meat need to have sweet potatoes or a fruit otherwise you aren't interested. You have also tried a few more table foods - cheese, banana, roast, pears, pancakes, and fruit & cereal bars. We also tried the biter biscuit did a great job this time! You aren't taking too much interest in the sippy cup right now, but we'll keep trying.

Daddy put the gummi guard on your crib because you've started to get your two precious teeth into the side of it. :-( Thankfully it was mostly on the parts that you won't use once you go to a regular bed, but there are a few on what will be your footboard. No more teeth yet, but I think they are starting because you've been drooling again.

You are crawling everywhere! We have to keep our eyes on you now so you don't get into anything dangerous for you. When we tell you "no touch" sometimes you will look at us with that bottom lip cute! You like to chase your ball all around the house including under the table. You're cruisin' and will sometimes let go. One of these days, I know you'll be standing all by yourself. You have also figured out how to walk behind your push toy! We got you your first pair of shoes this month - size 3.5 Stride Rite's.
You still like the activity table and "dentist's toy", but I think your favorite is the toy with the plunger type top. You have figured out how to use it all by yourself! The other thing you seem to like is the stairs! We don't let you go by yourself because you stop and turn around, and we don't want you to fall.

You got your first boo boo this month. You got a blister on your hand at Miss Alicia's from touching the front of the gas fireplace. She didn't have it on, but it was still warm from the pilot light. It didn't seem to bother you though which is good and you are completely healed.

You had your first trip to a pumpkin patch (Rader's Family Farms) and your first Halloween -- as a lion -- this month! I look forward to many more traditions like these.
You are wearing mostly size 9 month clothes although some 6 months clothes still fit, especially pants. You're still wearing size 2-3 diapers.

Drake, your personality is truly showing now!! You are so cute and do some of the most adorable things. One thing you have started is putting on a big cheesy grin while scrunching and breathing through your nose! You laugh and think it's SO cute!
{It's hard to get you to sit still these days. :-)}

Happy 9 month birthday!!


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Erin said...

Happy 9 months buddy :) Isn't it amazing how many new tricks they learn so fast! He is just too sweet ;)