Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 5

This week started off GREAT! I just a few dollars over my $50/week goal and then the dog needed food. :-) It's still better than I was doing before couponing, but not where I want to be. I'm sure that this week is going to go over, too, since we have Thanksgiving and all the Black Friday deals.

On a positive note, I have managed to get our local paper delivered for 13 weeks...for FREE!! We used to subscribe a couple years ago but quit getting it because we weren't really reading it except the ads on Sunday. Not too long ago, we got something to start getting it once a week and then we got the option to get 13 weeks for free! Who would pass that up?

CVS: spent - $1.42, saved $42.45!!

Sam's Club: spent $31.44

Walgreens: spent $2.76, saved $33.56!!

Target: spent $5.71, saved $14.93!

Meijer: spent $13.05, saved $36.89! 2nd trip - spent $31.63, saved $0.67. :-(

My totals were: $86.01, saved $128.50!

I also thought it would be kind of fun to see what the past 4weeks (I didn't document our savings on Week 1.) have done to our household expenses:

Week 2 - $86.24
Week 3 - $87.22
Week 4 - $59.26
Week 5 - $86.01

Week 2 - $63.26
Week 3 - $131.63
Week 4 - $82.72
Week 5 - $128.50

Spent - $318.73, Saved - $406.11!

Not too bad! Not only am I saving my family a TON of money (remember, I was spending about $100 each week), but we have more food in our house than we have EVER had. And, I'm donating more to our church's food pantry. All this work is worth it!


Lucky Jones said...

wow! great job!!

Dave and Elaine said...

Wow! That is awesome savings, Amber!