Friday, November 5, 2010

9 Month Dr. Appointment

We've got a nasty cold around our house. Jason hasn't been feeling well since yesterday and Drake's been stuffy and coughing since earlier this week. This made for perfect timing for Drake's 9 month well baby visit which was today. I wanted her to recheck his ears since he was on an antibiotic last month for the start of an ear infection. She confirmed that it was just a cold, and I believe it could also be contributed to teething.

Drake's stats:
Weight - 18lbs 5oz (15th percentile) --- gained 3lbs
Length - 27.5 inches (50th percentile) - grew 1 inch
Head Circumference - 45.8 centimeters (65th percentile)
Dr. Rosa was pretty impressed that he is crawling, pulling up, and cruising. His chest sounded good and his ears looked good. :-) She also showed us that his two top teeth are coming in! I've been trying to get a look or feel for his top teeth for a few weeks now, but he just won't let me. No's pretty painful, I imagine. He is constantly putting things in his mouth.I asked her about the sippy cup since he still doesn't really take to it. She wasn't concerned since she doesn't recommend weaning from the bottle until age 1. She did say no egg whites or milk until after 1, and no peanut butter until after age 2.

The only shot for today was supposed to be the flu vaccine, but she Drake wasn't feeling well they didn't want to do it. He did get his finger pricked to check his iron level which was perfect. And, he didn't shed one tear!
Checking out the bandaid! :-)

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Kahla said...

Way to grow Drake, getting to be such a big boy! Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon!