Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 3

I'm pretty happy with my shopping for this week, but I'm starting to wonder if my goal of $50/week is unrealistic until we are done with formula and baby food. And, I'm not buying any red meat. We bought a 1/4 beef earlier this year so our freezer is pretty well stocked. The good news is that I'm still under what I was spending (around $100/week). What is your budget?
Walgreen's: spent $17.41, saved $51.86!!!Target: spent $10.07, saved $22.33 ($4 was towards a Christmas gift). I also got 10 Smart Ones meals/desserts that are at work. CVS: spent $2.68, saved $13.08Dollar General: spent $1.37, saved $7.20

Meijer: spent $55.69, saved $37.16

Total spent: $87.22, saved $131.63!


Cady said...

That's impressive to include formula and baby food in your grocery budget. I have a separate "Lucy" budget for those things because they would definitely take up most of my $50/wk grocery budget. I don't know if it would even be possible to stick to $50/wk with formula included! You're doing awesome.

Kahla said...

Impressed as always!

Lucky Jones said...

You've done good!!! Wow! Looks like the Walgreens trip was awesome!!!