Monday, February 13, 2012


My plan was to leave Drake in his crib until he started climbing out of it.

That plan changed this weekend.

Jason and I were discussing the items we need to buy for the new baby's bed - mattress, crib sheet, and mattress pad - while changing the sheet on Drake's bed. Sometime during the conversation, it lead to "if we transition Drake into the full-size bed, we can use his mattress, sheets, etc. on the new baby's bed." It just seemed to make sense - he's been sleeping on a cot during his nap at the babysitter's since Christmas and hasn't had any problems.

So, before we left for church yesterday, Jason took the front of his crib off.

 Drake "helping" daddy!
 So excited!


The plan is for him to sleep in it as a toddler bed until probably April or May when we'll buy a full-size bed for him and move this mattress into the baby's room.

During nap on Sunday, he spent a lot of time talking and then fell out (our guess is that he was playing around). After that little incident, he slept for two hours! 

Bedtime went much better -- he went right to sleep.
He woke up twice (once when his teddy bear fell out of the bed and not sure what was wrong the other time), but he stayed in his bed! :-)

I cannot believe how big he is getting. Love this boy so much!!


katery said...

congrats on the big boy bed drake!

Allison said...

Yay for the big boy bed! I've been thinking about switching Noah from his crib to the toddler bed, but I'm so nervous!