Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nursery Preview

The nursery is finally complete (almost)! After 17 weeks, we have the dresser we've been waiting for, but there is still no word on the nightstand. A little background -- the crib was delivered just before Christmas (within the 12-14 weeks as promised), and we were told at that time that the dresser was "on the truck." Two weeks later, Jason called the store and once again we were told that it was "on the truck" and would be here the end of the following week or beginning of next which would have put it at this past Tuesday/Wednesday. Since we didn't get a call on Tuesday, I called on Wednesday to find out the location of our dresser. This time I was told that it was scheduled to be on the next truck which meant at least another 4-5 days before it would arrive (if it went on the truck that day). I let the sales person/owner know that I was not happy - it wasn't even close to the approximate time frame she told us on SEPTEMBER 25th when we ordered, and this baby is coming in the next three weeks! She did apologize but also kept re-iterating that she was glad she got the crib to us earlier and it would only take 15 minutes once the dresser arrived. UGH! Who wants to worry about getting a dresser together in their final weeks of pregnancy or after they bring their baby home? So, I did a little research and found that another store about 90 minutes away happened to have this exact dresser in their warehouse! The store in town was willing to cancel our order so Jason drove north on Friday to purchase and pick up the dresser. To me, it was totally worth the extra $20, tank of gas, and his time. I feel much better now that the dresser is in Baby P's room and has items organized. Now, I just wondering when we might see the nightstand?! :-) (Sorry for the drawn out story.)

To end all of are some pictures of how the nursery turned out:

Looking straight in from the doorway. (I'm still looking for something to go on the little shelves. The other hanging item will have pictures in it after he is born.)

This is the right of the window above. Again, standing in the doorway.
(The nightstand will go where the lamp is on the floor.)
Standing between the crib and recliner.
View from the closet.
(We'll complete his monogram above the crib after he is born and the name has been decided.)

The bedding is called All Star Sports bedding by JoJo Designs, and I love it! I really wanted something that wasn't too baby-ish and that would hopefully last through the time he is in the toddler bed. This was also Jason's favorite design and the best part is that I found it brand new on E-bay and got it for $76! What a deal!!


Tori & Justin said...

That looks so cute! I love the colors..

Jen said...

Oh my word!!! LOVE the Cubs chair! Our daughter's middle name is Addison, because of our love for the Cubs. If we ever have another baby, his (or maybe even her) middle name will probably be Clark!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I Love the Colors!!! SO CUTE!!! I think it all turned out great and goes well together:)

Kathy said...

Awesome! It looks great! So cute for your little Cubs fan! Go Cubbies! :)

Kate said...

Your nursery looks so cute! I'm so happy for you both! Your dream is so close to completion! You will be holding that baby in your arms in no time!

If your nightstand is going to take a while...those cheap round side tables with three legs that you throw a table cloth on and a glass top work great! You can get them at Target or Walmart.

Flack Family said...

LOVE the room...with exception to the Cubbie's chair!! I think a Brew Crew chair would look better. ;)
Lookin good girl - glad everything is all together and you can relax and enjoy these last few weeks.

Word Nerd said...

Super cute! We got our bedding set on E-bay from JoJo Designs, too. They had some really cute designs. I wavered back and forth between an argyle pattern and a geometric before finally picking the geometric. Isn't it so exciting that he's almost here? So happy for you!!

Cady said...

Love it!!