Friday, February 18, 2011

Working Mother

Before I really started thinking about having a family, I believed that the ideal situation when I did have kids would be to work part-time. Today, I'm working full-time.

Honestly, I'm not interested in staying home all day (of course, I'm allowed to change my mind in the future). It's not because I don't think there is value in staying home, I do. It just isn't for me. I really enjoy my j.o.b., and I like the social aspect of working outside of the home. Financially, staying at home right now would mean cutting back significantly and possibly even moving out of our neighborhood. This isn't what we want. But, the sermon at church last week got me thinking. It was about giving - mostly financial, but it made me realize that we give more than our money...we give our time, resources, and talents, too. The reason this really got me thinking is because two of my other major concerns about being a SAHM are re-entering the workforce and retirement. So the question is, am I "storing up too many treasures on earth"? I pray that I'm not. I'm a planner, and God has created me this way, but am I too concerned about the things we have today instead of really worrying about where I am spending eternity? I do believe that we need to be realistic and save for the day when retirement comes, but I also believe that God will provide for us. I still believe working part-time would be ideal.

Working full-time outside of the home is HARD! Yes, I can run errands over my lunch hour, but it still seems that there aren't enough hours in the day. By the time I get home, have dinner made and we eat, there's only 30-45 minutes of time to really spend with Drake before he goes to bed. I also feel like I'm slacking a bit in my role as a Big Sister. My Little Sister and I have been matched since June 2008. We used to get together every other week and now we're barely getting together once a month. Don't get me wrong, being a mom comes first, but I still feel some responsibility to her. If I was working part-time, I would have more time to get things done, spend more time with Drake and hopefully get more time with my Little Sister.

During my performance evaluation last year, I talked to my boss about going down to a 4-day work week, but I wasn't (and still am not) willing to work 4 10-hour days. This would have been a bit of an adjustment for us as our insurance premiums would have went up and my salary would have been cut, but it was a good compromise. Unfortunately, my boss didn't see this as an option. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I might be able to maneuver my schedule so I could get more time with Drake. Until recently, he was sleeping until 7am and still taking a bottle in the morning. I wasn't willing to wake him up early...I really enjoyed sleeping until 7am on the weekends. :-) But, now that he's getting up a little earlier (about 6:45am) and doesn't take a bottle, I really considered altering my schedule.

I'm SO excited to start my new hours next week! I'll be working 7:30am-4:30pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30am-2pm on Friday! I know it might not sound like much, but getting that extra 2.5 hours on Friday afternoon is going to be wonderful! I'm really excited about my new schedule!


Erin said...

it is hard being a working mom. I hope you find some extra time now :)

Anonymous said...

You are giving up so much by working. Re-read your post, it is all about you. You have a little one now who will never be 1 again or two again. It is so important to have his mom there with him.
You have no idea what you are missing and you won't until it is too late! Wow - so you would rather stay in your house than raise your little boy on your own with your values. Don't kid yourself - two or three hours a day with your child does not equate to raising him. Who ever is spending the majority of his waking hours ( because the time you spend at home with him while he is sleeping really does not count ) is raising him and I know for a fact whoever that is does not love him near as much as you. I would live in a condo before I gave up those precious years with my baby!!!

twondra said...

I'm so sorry about the anonymous comment. People shouldn't make comments without knowing the whole story, especially those who don't have the guts to post under their real name.

I think you're a WONDERFUL mom, sweetie, and it's WONDERFUL news that you get to leave early on Friday! Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

lynettew55 said...

Anonynous should own the comment - that was gutless. Grandma Phyllis always thought I couldn't raise kids AND work full time. I raised 2 1/2 wonderful kids AND worked full time. What you give up is yourself. Your personal time, your quiet time and what else you might want to do. It is hard to find the balance. It also takes a village to raise a child.


EC said...

wow how rude to comment like that and not own it.

being a working mum is hard, I'm so happy that you get some extra hours with Drake.

Lucky Jones said...

Anonymous - really?? You don't have the guts to show yourself yet you are ok with blatantly judging someone on their decision? Cowardly on your part. Amber is an amazing mother who worked hard to be where she is now. Some aren't lucky enough to live on one income. Sounds like you are based on your "condo" comment. Lucky you.

If you really knew Amber you would know that she is a caring and loving person and is doing the best she can for Drake. Which is darn good if you ask me.