Friday, February 11, 2011


Let me start off by saying that I really like our sitter. She interacts with Drake well. She gives us a sheet with everything that has gone on throughout the day when we pick him up. And, she's watched Drake since the day he turned three months old. I totally trust her with him.

Obviously, there are things that I probably wish were a little different and that's where this post is going.

I wish she would have acknowledged his birthday.    We kept him home with us on his actual birthday, but he was with her the following day. She didn't say anything to him (in front of me) on Friday. 
I wish she would have come to his party.   I know she doesn't have to come. She never gave me a straight answer about coming, but as someone who spends as much if not more time with him than I do, I would have really appreciated it.

I wish she did more "crafts" with him.   We've gotten one handmade thing from him so far...his hands in paint at Halloween. Yes, Halloween, of all the holidays!

I wish she provided whole milk!     I mean, really? Our doctor has told us that Drake should be on whole milk until he turns two. I'm fine with this. He's on the small side and could probably use a little extra fat in his diet. She provides 2% milk so what's the difference in providing whole milk? It's more of a pain than anything.

I wish she wouldn't take on more kids.     When we interviewed her 15 months ago, she told us she was planning to take 2-3 kids in addition to her son who will be 4 this summer. Currently, she has Drake, a 16 month old, twin 4 year old boys, and her son. I'm fine with that. But, she's also watching an infant on a very part-time random schedule until the end of the school year when she'll be adding an infant full-time 4 days a week. And...we'd like to have another one (Lord willing) sometime. At least by the time that child went to her, the 3 4-year olds would be in Kindergarten?!

Obviously, I know that we could go somewhere else, but I really do like her! And Drake likes her. And she lives three minutes from my house. As my friend, Jean Ann, says, "Sometimes the momma bear comes out."


Erin said...

I totally understand what you mean. I like ours okay too . . Parker loves the kids there, loves the girls there, but he comes home covered in food many days, both clothes and hands/face and I just think . . really how hard is it to clean him up and put on a bib? Ugh it is hard being a working mom!

PS can't believe she didn't say anything about his birthday :( LAME!!!

katery said...

yeah, i know, we have a great sitter but she's not me and so i know everything isn't ever going to be exactly how i would do it. i almost passed out when she told me she gave louise a gerber meat stick but i know it's just one of those things i have to grin and bare.

i really can't believe she didn't say happy birthday, that is totally lame.

our sitter is legally required to provide certain things, i'm pretty sure vitamin d milk for babies is one of them, i mean, i know that's what louise is getting and i know she's required to provide certain things, but i'm not sure on the specifics. i know it's different from state-to state too.

maybe they will do more crafts as drake gets a little older? i honestly can't imagine what kind of crafts louise could do right now, it seems like they're a little young for that yet?

Tonya said...

hey I have never had a kid in day care so don't really know much about it but about the milk. I don't give my kids milk ever never have. They can get the calcium in better ways than milk, like certain veggies. I really wouldn't worry about the milk difference. Some kids are just smaller than others as long as he is growing he is fine!

Mommy & Daddy said...

Amber, I watch kids myself in my home. I have ALWAYS done crafts with them every Friday is craft day. I also do story time every morning once they all get here. I provide breakfast, lunch and snacks through out the day. I have 3 kids their ages are 1,1, and 2 and I have had them all since they were 3/6 months old. The only thing I require them to bring is diapers and wipes. When they were smaller I did have them bring formula, as they all were on something different.

I would mention these to her, I always expect my parents to tell me what they need or want for their children. The only way she will know how you feel is by telling her. If she can't handle it then find someone else!! Remember you PAY HER!! I send out an email almost every month asking, if there is anything they would like for me to do more or less with the kiddos! I have not once gotten a bad report (at least one that I know of). I personally think it is a great idea that she has other children for Drake to play with, it helps with his social skills. I know when mine were in childcare (home care) I bought flash cards, and a couple of little work books and took them with them everyday to childcare and I expected her to help them. After all that is what I payed her for, not to just let them watch TV.

Hope this helps...Email if you have any more questions!

Momma and Her Doodle said...


I came across your blog from Erin's (Hoping for our own peanut)... my son is 3.5 years old. Here is what I have run into with home daycare.
The provider may not attend birthday parties because if she attends one she would need to attend all to not show favortism. Weekends are her off time and daycare is her job.

If something is on your mind tell the provider... if you want Drake to drink whole milk buy an extra gallon and bring it with you each Monday. Tell her that is what you and his Daddy and pediactrician want him to drink. (my son is still on whole milk too for being on the low weight percentile).

Remember you speak for Drake.
Daycare has an up side and a down. We used a hime daycare up until preschool... but there were days I would grind my teeth over petty things. I had to speak up or stay quiet.

Best of luck!

Kahla said...

I can relate. Not with Emery but with Chase. The same lady watched him from the time he was 5 months old (when I went back to work after summer) until he went to preschool (we chose an all-day private preschool). Chase loved her and she loved him but she was the same on almost every one of these. We actually took whole milk, they never did crafts - to be honest I just don't think she knew how to with so many kids, and she was always taking on another kid. I finally looked into state laws and found out three was the limit for her because she was a non-licensed in-home childcare. When we started she had four, which I was OK with, when we left she was up to 7!!!!! There was no way we were using her again with Emery but she was great for Chase. Two years have passed and she will still call to check on Chase or we run into her in town. We are so blessed that my grandparents moved here and watch Emery, I don't know what we would have done. It's always a tough situation when someone else has your kids because it's never the same as you would be. :o(

Anonymous said...

She doesn't love your little boy like you do! That should not surprise you!
She is his baby sitter - not is Mom. The milk thing seems odd??
I agree, what is the difference, unless some other mom has asked that she provide 2% and it might be a hassle to buy both ( although I can't imagine why??)
Remember you are his mom - she is the baby sitter...she it the one you have chosen to raise your child ( she spends way more waking hours with him that you do during the week ) so..if you can't be honest and say these things to someone you have chosen to raise your child - you should find a new provider ( one you feel open enough with to discuss these things) Odd you trust her enough with your son all day, but not enough to speak truth to her!