Friday, February 4, 2011

12 Month Dr. Appointment

Today was Drake's 12 month well baby visit. We got there right on time and got his measurements taken. They were also trying to get a urine sample. Have you ever heard of this? Poor kid, they basically took a "baggie" that had a sticky part and put it around his boy parts. They were hoping he would go potty sometime during the visit, but, of course, he didn't! If I would have known, I would have tried to load him up on liquids. Good thing is that they will just try it again at his 15 month appointment, and I'll be sure to push the liquids!

Once again, Dr. Rosa thought he was cute as can be. The only thing I was concerned about was Drake getting enough milk since we just transitioned this week. She said as long as he's getting 2 cups a day, he is fine. I'm constantly offering it throughout the day so hopefully he'll start taking more when he realizes that the bottle isn't coming back.

Drake's stats:
Weight - 20lbs 3.5oz (13th percentile) --- gained almost 2lbs
Length - 29.5 inches (42nd percentile) - grew 2 inches
Head Circumference - 69th percentile

We had a bit of a wait in the room this morning so we did lots of playing!I was a little bummed not to get a picture of him on the scale, but he didn't have a diaper on so I don't think he would like that much. :-)


Aunt Michelle said...

Reid had the little baggie thing around his boy parts when he was in the hospital for surgery and they needed a urine sample. But I don't think that they ever needed one at a well baby visit.

Serendipity said...

We're about to take away Dex's bottle too - I'm dreading it because he uses it as a sleep aid! I hope it's all going well for Drake

Tonya said...

They wanted a urine sample with my oldest who is a girl. That is even worse!!! But they also wanted the other end too. She was really tiny at 12 months and they wanted to make sure she was fine. She was...just always going to be small for her age.