Monday, January 3, 2011

11 Months!!

Dear Drake,

You are 11 months old! The time with you is going by so quickly and you have changed so much - from that tiny newborn baby that would just snuggle on our chests or in our arms to such a big boy that is learning to walk and talk. It makes me so happy to see you learn new things. Like the past months, this one was full of change.

You had THREE teeth (a top central incisor and both top lateral incisors) come through! This makes for a total of 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on bottom!

You have transitioned to all table foods (except cereal in the morning) and we ordered your very first kid's meal at a restaurant - a grilled cheese with fruit at IHOP. You feed yourself almost everything except fruits that are hard to pick up. We got you your own spoon and fork for Christmas so we'll start practicing with those soon. You are still working on the sippy cup, but getting so good with it! We also transitioned you to three bottles per day...7am, 1pm, and 7pm which is going great.

On December 23rd, you had your first haircut! We took you to a little barber shop in Uptown Normal called Shorty's. Afterwards, we took you to Moe's for your own quesadilla, and you ate almost the whole thing!You learned to wave "bye-bye" and do it anytime you hear someone say it! You've also been talking a lot more including "dada" and "mama" on a regular basis.

At Christmas, you started getting very interested in taking steps - trying multiple times each day. You've taken up to 12 steps by yourself and stand for longer periods of time now!!
You LOVE playing with doors...opening and closing them all the time! You get so upset when I open a door and close it before you can get to it. You also love'll walk or crawl up to her and lay your head on her. Lots of times she will move, but you don't mind, you just follow her. :-)

We are pretty sure you are experiencing night terrors. Once in a while, you'll wake up a few hours after going to bed crying, and we aren't able to console you. After a few minutes you calm down and go right back to sleep, but we don't like it one bit.

You celebrated your first Christmas. You were blessed with some clothes and new toys, but weren't too spoiled which we think is perfect.
You wear size 9 month clothes. You are wearing size 3 diapers during the day, but we had to move you to size 4 diapers at night.Happy 11 month birthday, Drake!



G & G W. said...

My first chance in quite a while to see the update. We saw the Facebook entry of Drake walking. He is making great progress.

Love you,

Grandma & Grandpa W.

Ashley said...

So exciting!! Drake is taking steps;) Kenzie will only walk pushing toys..she is scared to let go. I had a talk with her and told her that her friend Drake said she could do it;) I wish ya'll lived close by....I KNOW they would be great friends!!