Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 12

It was a pretty good week...a little over the budget, but that will hopefully get better now that I've purchased Drake's FINAL can of formula!
CVS - spent $1.77, saved $37.67!
(Of free Excedrin coupon showed up after I went to CVS this week!)Walgreens - spent $2.38, saved $18.38!
Target - spent $3.46, saved $21.14!Meijer - spent $35.89, saved $42.14 (Dog food not pictured)!

Sams Club - spent $20.18!

Totals - spent $63.68, saved $119.33!


Michelle said...

I got those same Kashi bars on clearance with my coupons at Target! I was going to get the cereal really cheap but it looked gross! I think that I will pass the good deal on to someone that would like it.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Why cant I shop like you? :(

Lucky Jones said...

Sweet!! Now that I'm back from Texas I can start posting again... last week I only spent $31 at Safeway :) Oh and I am a bit bummed - you get more RR than I do at Walgreens. We in Portland are in a test maret and use a club card & get points instead. Booooo....