Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm sitting here right now...6pm on a Saturday night... watching Drake play with his toys, attempt to play with Kahlua and walk around the living room. It's amazing to watch his mind and body at work. He is doing GREAT - sleeping 11.5-12 hours each night, taking 2 naps, saying Mama & Dada along with lots of other babbling, eating 3 meals of regular table food and 1-2 snacks each day, drinking from a sippy cup, and playing by himself.

He likes to challenge us already. We have a lamp on the end table that is at a perfect height for him. He is definitely aware that he isn't supposed to touch it. In fact, he'll walk close to it, reaching his hand out. Then, when we look at him, he pulls his hand away. It's almost like a game now. He also likes to crawl to the room where we have Kahlua's water and food bowls. When he hears us coming for him, he tries to walk (usually too quickly which ends up in falling) out of the room. I'm just shocked that this is happening at just over 11 months?! Makes me really wonder what we're in for. :-) The good news is that I think we're doing pretty good being consistent with him. I'll admit that it's sometimes tough not to smile/giggle at that cute little face, but I still know that we need to give him boundaries.

We haven't been up to much lately. I'm busy getting ready for his party which is three weeks from today {yikes}...this came WAY too fast! I'm hoping it will be a great celebration. Since his birthday will always fall around the Super Bowl, I didn't want to start with a football theme so we're having a monkey theme! It's adorable if you ask me. I ordered invites off of Etsy and they arrived last week. I'm waiting on the door sign and for her to get back to me on the Thank Yous. Drake's birthday t-shirt ready and the cake is ordered. I still need to work on decorations, order cupcakes, and figure out what we are doing for food. Instead of a regular baby book, I've been doing a scrapbook for him. Thanks to some awesome time off at Christmas and Jason's help, I got quite a bit done then, but I'm still way behind. I'm off work on Monday and Drake is going to daycare so I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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