Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge - Week 13

This week, I was able to start collecting a few food items for Drake's upcoming birthday party (yikes!) a great deal on soda and chips at CVS.CVS: spent $3.56, saved $43.79
Walgreens: spent $5.81, saved $60.16! (91% savings!!!)
My subtotal on one transaction was actually -$.04! I've never seen that before! (There are 2 boxes of Special K missing from the picture, too.)
Meijer: spent $10.21, saved $13.02

Target: spent $11.58, saved $19.50

Weekly Total: $31.16, saved $136.47! (81% savings)

This is my best week ever! I might also note that if you've been watching these posts, you haven't seen me purchase meat (aside from frozen chicken breasts quite a while back). In July, we purchased a 1/4 beef which has turned out to be one of the best things. Not only do you pay a lot less (about $1/pound), but the meat tastes a lot better and it's readily available. If you are wondering how much meat that really was, we got 47 pounds of ground, about 12 roasts (they were cut pretty small since it's just the two of us...well, and Drake), quite a few steaks and some other random meat.


Lucky Jones said...

umm WOW!!!!

Gotta continue mine next week... although I did save over $100 at Walgreens on Saturday! They seriously HATE me there :( and jealous you have a CVS, I don't have one near me...

Danielle said...

I'm so curious about this. I've watched some videos of ladies chronically thier savings on youtube. I think it's great. How much do you spend weekly on the coupons themselves, to get them to you, the multiple papers and whatnot? Could you post it as a comment on my blog so I get the answer? Thank you so much.