Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of the goals of couponing is to create a stockpile. I started just piling everything in our pantry and under the bathroom sink, but my stockpile quickly grew so I had to figure something out. I had an extra shelving unit with doors to use for my food items, but the toiletry items ended up overflowing a box on the floor of our closet. So, I spent this morning sorting the items and moving them to shelves in our hall bathroom.
I love it! It's so organized and now I feel like things are in their correct place.

This closet had a bunch of blankets, extra pillows, and extra towels in it. To move these, we cleaned out one of our spare bedrooms. The bedroom had workout equipment but also served as an additional guestroom when we have out of town visitors so it was a mess. We moved all the equipment to the basement so there is actually room for people to sleep in there now and all the blankets/pillows are in that closet. Yes, it's just an air mattress, but we have another guestroom that has a real bed in it. :-) We always leave the pack & play set up in here, too, for any guests. I don't want to invest in other furniture since tThis will probably be baby #2's room if the Lord allows.

My house is definitely not immaculate and organized all the time, but I do get motivated to purge, clean, and organize every once in a while. :-)

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