Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go Redbirds!

Being an alumni and working at ISU, I always like to make it to at least one game each year. They were giving faculty and staff free tickets to this afternoon's game so we headed out. Jason was coaching an Upward basketball game so I went with Drake and Aireol which explains the pictures. :-) Drake did pretty good between the music and watching all the people including a 10.5 month old girl behind us! It tough to get good pictures with him. I really wanted to get a picture of him with Reggie, but it wasn't going to work out....maybe next time.

(He looks scare, but I promise he isn't.)
I bought this onesie in size 12 months thinking it might even be a little big. When I put it on him this morning, I was shocked! It almost didn't get over his head!

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twondra said...

A well-deserved award for you awaits on my blog. :) (((HUGS)))