Friday, February 12, 2010

Our First Week as a Family of Three! - Part III

Monday, February 8th
We spent the whole day at home just hanging it out.
I had to put in a photo of this to show you how AWESOME Jason has been! He was great during the labor and delivery trying to keep me comfortable and hasn't stopped since we have been home. Jason had never changed a diaper until Drake was born and now he jumps right in. He has also been feeding Drake his bottle at each feeding (more on that in the 2/9 info). I love watching him want to spend time with Drake - holding him, talking to him, and caring for him. He is such a good daddy!!

One of our small group families came to meet Drake tonight:Rich & Mandee

Poor Kahlua hasn't been getting as much attention now that Drake is home, but she is super protective! She wants to be everywhere Drake is...including being right in his face! :-)

Then, we gave Drake his first "bath" at home! He wasn't too excited about being undressed, but he loved it when we washed his hair. He's like his momma...loves a good head massage!! :-)

Drake continued his awesome sleep schedule tonight! This momma and daddy are loving it!

Tuesday, February 9th - Happy Due Date!!
Today was a busy day for Drake. He had his weight & jaundice check as well as his circumcision today. His jaundice level looked great and the nurse said he did wonderful during the procedure...didn't even cry! His weight on the other hand was cause for a little concern. He was down to 6lbs 15oz for a loss of just over 11% of his birth weight. They don't like to see it over 10%, so we have to add a 1/2 ounce of formula to each feeding. I was a little sad about this, but will do whatever is best for this little guy! The nice part is that Jason has gotten to become really involved in the feedings now - he has made and given every bottle to Drake since we found out! I think he really enjoys this time with him.

We had a couple more visitors today.
My friend, Shauna, brought us pizza for dinner and came to meet little Drake! She has two boys of her own (age 3 & 1) and is expecting another baby in June!
Tiffany is a momma to BGGG quads and wonderful friend and neighbor! We originally met while working in the hotel industry and now live about four houses apart. She is a former patient of Dr. J's, too!

Drake's sleeping schedule seems to be getting a little better every day! I think he's getting really close to being on a 3-hour feeding schedule (6, 9, 12, and 3) which is wonderful for us!!

Wednesday, February 10th - You are one week old!!
I can't believe that one week ago, we were headed to the hospital and about to deliver this precious little boy! This past week has FLOWN by! Today was another quiet day at home.
Drake makes the funniest poses with his arms...this picture is just one example. :-)

Some of my neighborhood girlfriends came over tonight and brought dinner!

I didn't get a picture of Becky or Tisha holding Drake...probably because Tisha wouldn't hold him. :-)


Ashley said...

Love these posts!! so glad ya'll are doing so well;)

Rob & Lindsey said...

Congrats Jason and Amber!! Drake is precious!!

Kahla said...

What a doll! He is so teeny, tiny... just precious! Congrats again!

Alex and Jill said...

Awww...he is so little and cute! Amelia seems so big now that I look at these pics of Drake. HA!

Alex loved that we had to supplement from the beginning - he wanted to feed Amelia just as much as I did. As long as that baby is growing, doesn't matter how they get the nutrients - don't feel bad.

You guys are doing great!


optimisticallyhopeful said...

He is absolutely a doll Amber! I'm so glad that your first week went so well and it looks like you had lots of company to help you with your little one! I hope things continue to go so well for you all. You so deserve this!!!