Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome Home Sergeant Feit!!

Our neighbor, Matt, has been deployed since June 2006 with the 33rd Military Police Battalion. Today, he and the other 70+ members of his battalion came home in style! Community members donated their convertibles for the guys and gals to ride in in a parade from ISU to the Armory in Bloomington. Jason, Byron (another neighbor), Mel (a friend and c0-worker) and I were standing about half-way through the route and cheered them on. People were everywhere! It was such an awesome feeling!! The parade included a police escort and motorcyclists in between a lot of the soldiers. People had signs, flags and yellow ribbons along the entire route - what an awesome feeling. We even saw one of the soldier (a girl, I might add) with tears in her eyes!
We are SO glad they are home, safe and sound!

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