Monday, September 24, 2007


On Friday night, I went to the Tri-Valley football game with Karen, Caleb and Caden. The weather was beautiful, but unfortunately they lost! It was their homecoming, too, so that was kind of sad! We watched Kali do flags during halftime and then left not too long afterwards.

Saturday, I went dress shopping for Michelle's wedding... Here they are....the dresses we picked out....

The top one is my dress (in black) and the bottom one is Cara and Nicole's dress (in black and silver).

Jason worked 17 hours - Saturday at 2pm until Sunday at 7am so I ran in the morning - further than the last two times so that was good. My next goal is to do 1 mile either Tuesday or Wednesday night. I went to church and then came home to watch the Cubs and Bears games. At least the Chicago fans got one good win! Now, we just need the Cardinals to beat up on the Brewers this week...(probably the only time you'll ever hear me root for the Cards!).

I'm donating blood after work and then we are headed to Chili's for dinner since they are donating proceeds to St. Jude's tonight!


Jill said...

Hey Amber! I just caught wind of your blog! I love it! I have turned into a crazy obsessive blog looker! Keep them coming!

Rog & Heather said...

Please tell me you won't be stikcing your chest out like the models in both of these pictures ... come on!!