Monday, September 10, 2007

Scrapbooking Galore!

Well, I think this pretty much explains what I did for almost all of my weekend! The house was turned upside down with people, tables, and scrapbooking materials. It's always a good time to get a lot done so it was nice, but man, I am exhausted! We started Friday night, went all day and night on Saturday, and some people even finished up on Sunday. It was a great, my mom, my sister, friends from college (Janell & Heather), some neighbors (Becky & Kelly), a friend from work (Mel) and my mom's friend (Brenda). My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew even came over on Saturday. Jason and I are getting Kali a scrapbook for her birthday which was just a few days ago.

On Sunday, I had to go to a meeting in Chicago for work so mom stayed and cleaned everything up! Jason was gone to the races in Chicago on Saturday and Sunday so he didn't have to stay "locked" in the room the whole weekend. I have to add that Kahlua was great, too! I was pretty impressed with how she didn't really bark or get into stuff all weekend. She was wonderful when Caden was there, too! I wasn't sure how she would do with him, especially when I was holding him. Kahlua just kept smelling his was actually pretty cute!

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