Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Great Grocery Challenge


 (missing 4 Kraft Shredded Cheeses)

Meijer Trip #1: OOP $21.43, Saved $82.56 (79%)
*You can read about this trip here if you're interested.

Meijer Trip #2: OOP $12.71, Saved $111.28 (90%)

Meijer Trip #3: OOP $18.38, Saved $1.00 (Dog Food!)

Meijer Trip #4: OOP $5.44, Saved $0.49

Yes...we really were at Meijer 4 times this week! It wasn't planned that way and it is not normal, but we had Colin's dedication this week and I forgot a couple things and then realized we were out of dog food. This totally destroyed the budget, but hopefully we'll be back on track for a while.
Target: OOP $8.68, Saved $26.05 (76%)

CVS: OOP $0.64, Saved $5.00 (89%)

Aldi: OOP $20.28

Weekly Totals: OOP $87.56, Saved $225.38 (72% savings)

Even though I went way over budget my savings was still pretty good! I'll have to watch the next couple weeks will be lower to offset this overage.  

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