Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Great Grocery Challenge

CVS: OOP $23.87, Saved $38.82
*2 Gallons of Milk and Hershey's candy not pictured.

Even though my out of pocket was higher than I normally like, I ended up with some awesome deals on snacks for Colin when he is ready. Did you get a coupon mailer from CVS with lots of baby coupons? I got one over the weekend and it was perfect timing with this week's sale.

Meijer: OOP $29.41, Saved $62.86

Weekly Totals: OOP $53.28, Saved $101.68 (66%)

This turned into a pretty good week considering we had to pick up dog food. :-) Those weeks are always a little high since it's a "big" purchase - close to $18 of my budget. I'm also discovering that I need to buy a lot more snack and breakfast foods since I have two extra kids here 5 days each week. I'm also feeding Drake and I lunch every day at home. Hopefully things will level out soon because we can't keep going over budget.

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