Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Great Grocery Challenge


Walgreens: OOP $3.20, Saved $6.20 (74%)

I must say that I probably won't be shopping Walgreens much anymore. Unless they have some great RR deals, I just don't want to deal with their new Balance Rewards program. I stopped in this week to use up an expiring RR.
 Target: OOP $5.94, Saved $19.88 (77%)

I was pretty excited about my Target trip this week! Haven't had one like this in a while. Go here or here to see the details.  

CVS: OOP $13.55, Saved $38.88 (74%)
Meijer: OOP $29.03, Saved $51.79 (64%)

Weekly Totals: OOP $51.72, Saved $116.75 (69%)

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