Sunday, September 30, 2012

Colin: 4 Months

Dear Colin,

You are FOUR months old on your Uncle Chad's Birthday! Time is going so quickly and you are getting so big.

We have been very busy with play dates and running errands that your daytime sleep hasn't been very consistent. (bad momma!) Unfortunately, I am pretty sure this is the reason that we haven't locked into a great nighttime sleep pattern. I'm sorry, baby, and am working on being better about this with you.

Thankfully, when you are awake you are pretty happy and love interacting with everyone around you. I love your smile and giggles!

You have rolled over...twice. You went from your back to your belly (over your right shoulder) on September 14 and again a few days later.  I haven't seen you do it again, but I'm trying. :-) You do great with tummy time staying there for a couple minutes and holding your head nice and high. 

You enjoy seeing everything around you and are sitting up really nice in the bumbo seat.

You are drooling like crazy!

You have the longest, fullest eyelashes and everyone who sees them comments on them. :-) 

You still LOVE your bathtime and get very excited when you hear the water running.

You are still nursing every 3 hours and taking a 7 ounce bottle for your 7pm feeding. When I was trying to figure out if you were up at night because you were hungry, momma's friend let me weigh you before and after a feeding. According to the scale, you were getting 4 ounces and weigh around 14 pounds! (We'll get your official stats at your well baby visit on Monday.)

You are still wearing size 1 diapers (except a size 2 overnight) and 3 month clothes. I've washed your 6 month clothes though because I have a feeling we'll be moving into them very quickly. We'll also be moving to size 2 diapers when we run out of these size ones.

Happy 4 month birthday!


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