Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Reid!!

We headed to Freeport this weekend to celebrate my nephew, Reid's 3rd birthday!

This Hot Wheels track was the hit of the night. I don't think he was quite as excited when he opened a long sleeve t-shirt from us. :-) We also got him a subscription to Highlights High Five magazine. My sister and I used to get Highlights from our grandparents when we were younger and loved it.

The party was pirate themed and the lady did a great job matching the cake to the invitation my sister sent out! (And, it was delicious, too!)
Drake thoroughly enjoyed every bite of his cake and ice cream...can you tell? :-)

Here's pictures from his Birth Day, 1st Birthday, and 2nd Birthday. So fun to compare how much he has grown!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Reid!!

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