Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IUI ... Take 2!

Once again, everything went well this morning. Yeah!! I do start the progesterone on Saturday and will take it twice a day until they tell me to quit. I have a blood test (they will be able to determine something about the ovulation here) and take the Ovidrel booster shot next Wednesday, then will go in for another blood test on Friday, the 8th. The 2nd blood test is the one we really want the positive answer's the pregnancy test!! The reason they do that instead of just waiting for my cycle to start is because it may not due to the progesterone being taken every day. If it's positive, then I'll do the same thing over again on that Monday and hope for an increased beta number! So, we've got 16 days before we will know anything. Keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming!


Carter Jonathan said...

Come on your thang! Stick stick stick...dig dig dig...whatever sperm does up in there let's hope for a "job well done!"

Kristie said...

We're praying for you!! Hope everything goes well and that you're feeling good.