Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Belated Independence Day!!

I know it's a little late, but I hope everyone had a great holiday!! My conference last week went well, and working on the 4th wasn't too bad. It's great having an intern you can depend on - unfortunately, she has completed her requirements and is now done. After I left work on Friday night, one of our neighbors lit some fireworks off. We could actually see quite a bit from out house - I think we could see Fairview's and Towanda's!

Saturday was our first pool party! Some people were out of town, but those of us who were here had a great time. The weather was perfect - 85 and sunny all day!
Mason didn't get to swim much last year because he was still taking naps so it was really cute to see him in the pool the entire time this weekend!! He has no fear!
Dylan was catching a ball this a neat photo or what?!

Kylee with the noodles!! What great flotation devices!


Jason and I went to church on Sunday and then were invited to the Michaels' for lunch. It was so nice - the first time Jason has gone down there with me. It was great to get to know them more. Isn't it so funny how them having four babies got us to hang out?! Kind of sad, actually, but I just know that we were both so busy before and rarely home. Not that we aren't busy now, but now we seem to be home at the same times. I'm so thankful they allow me to come help with the babies.

Our friends from Colorado got into town last night for a visit after a long drive from Northern Wisconsin. They will be here until Wednesday so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll be able to do some swimming and hanging out!

Today through Thursday, I am working from home! Yep, that's right!! Our office is in the process of being moved and they really didn't want us in the way. So, the easiest way to make sure that was the case was for us to work from home. Friday will be our first day in the new building, but it's actually a vacation day for me. I think I'll just go in to drop off my box of stuff I wanted to move. I'm pretty excited about the new place!

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Tonya said...

Hey better late then never :) Glad you had a good fourth!