Friday, August 3, 2012

Drake: Two and a Half Years Old


Where has the time gone? You are now two-and-a-half years old! Since your birthday, you went on vacation to Florida, become a big brother, and went to circus camp.

You LOVE to help everyone and being a "good helper". You open doors for people and want to help us do anything, including making lunch or dinner, vacuuming or cleaning. 

Your favorite foods right now are Peanut Butter and Jelly and BBQ rib patties. Fruit is still a favorite and the sweet tooth hasn't gone away. 

You are still LOVING the water...and are SO brave in big pools with your puddle jumper. You have truly mastered using it since we first tried it back in March while we were in Florida. We've been to State Farm park a couple times with our friends and to another waterpark for a birthday party and you love them, too. The waterslides are your favorite, and I'm so impressed with how well you do on them. I think you're going to love rollercoasters when you are big enough to go on them.

You love to JUMP! You will jump over the grout lines in tile at the mall, off of stairs, off the couch/chair, pretty much everywhere you can.

At church, you have moved "across the hall" with the rest of the 2 and 3-year-olds. These classes are much more structured and you have worship time where everyone comes together in one room. You love going in every week.

We're still working on counting and saying our ABC's. We say our ABC's when you're brushing your teeth. We do ABC puzzles. We play with the ABC magnets on the refrigerator. We count everything we see. One of these days I know it will start clicking and you'll be saying the whole alphabet and counting higher than we would have ever thought.

Your vocabulary is pretty impressive! You talk in complete sentences and copy everything we say. The other night, you and daddy were eating pistachios and you even said that. We were amazed.

You were doing SO well on the potty at Miss Alicia's - going 3-4 times per day when she changed your diaper. Since being home, you have not been interested in the potty at all! Momma's hoping that will change soon, but I know it's best to wait until you decide you are going to do it.
You're wearing size 2T tops, 18 month shorts, and size 7 shoes.

Before we know it, you're third birthday will be here! Happy Half Birthday, Drake!


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