Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fun with Friends!

We have finally gotten a break from this crazy hot summer!! The air conditioning is off and the windows are open. I know our checkbook is going to appreciate it. Let's just say that our electric bill the last two months has been insane! Not to mention the water bill from my hubby's nice irrigation system. :-)

We had no plans on Saturday so we took advantage of this beautiful weather and met our friends at Grady's. It was Drake's first time and he had a blast!

Friends on the train!
 Drake & Daddy on the train!
He was a little small for this ride but really wanted to go. He made it around a few times and then we had her stop for him to get off.
 Colin enjoying the weather.
 He was such a big boy! He rode this little ferris wheel all by himself and LOVED it!
We ended the night with a cookout at our friends house. 

The fresh air must have been good for Colin. He slept 10 hours straight Saturday night! I was completely shocked since he's only been going 5-6 hours the last few nights. Now I'm just crossing my fingers this keeps up. :-)

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Erin said...

Looks like a perfect day! And way to go little man!