Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Great Grocery Challenge


Target: OOP $4.58, saved $6.05
Love some super cheap Kleenex - 16 boxes...$.29 each! One thing I have realized is that Target's receipts aren't a true representation of the savings. It doesn't take into account how much the store has already marked down the item. For example, the Kleenex boxes were originally $3.29, but they were clearanced down to $2.54.
 Meijer: OOP $19.00, saved $29.75!

Aldi: OOP $15.65
 This was my first time shopping at Aldi's. There some things I needed to make a dessert this week and I didn't have coupons so I thought I would try them out. I was suprised at how many name brand items they had in the store. You definitely have to watch the prices...milk was $.18 more than Meijer when on sale, but eggs were $.30 cheaper.  I don't like not knowing how much I saved, but I know I got some deals. :-)

Weekly Total: OOP $39.28, Saved $38.50+! 

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Michelle said...

So what did you buy from Aldi? I have had some things that I like and some things that I won't buy again.