Monday, September 19, 2011

Apple Orchard & Shopping

My parents came for a visit this weekend so we headed over to one of the apple orchards nearby. The weather was absolutely perfect - upper 60s and sunny!

Drake even got his first pony ride.
(Sorry for the crooked picture - I couldn't fix it.)

After the apple orchard, we drove to the outlet mall to find Drake a pair of shoes! He had a few pairs of 5s and 5.5s that I thought would fit him this fall, but we have been squeezing his feet into them. When they measured his foot at Stride Rite, he was right at a 5 which means they suggest buying a 6.5! No wonder the shoes weren't fitting. I found a cute pair of brown shoes, but we still need a pair of tennis shoes for him. 

We did a little more shopping and had to get a caramel apple for a snack. :-)


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Anonymous said...

totally adorable pictures!! it was beautiful weather this weekend :)